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Adam Rodriguez is an artist you won't forget if you meet him once or see his painting. You'll find yourself tracing his perfect lines, familiarizing with those faces and imitating their expressions. No matter how much blank space he leaves on the canvas or how much he deforms the shapes, you'll still find the face conversing with you. Adam's paintings found their place in museums and notable collections while his murals rocked the world of music and arts festivals. Next time you see Adam ask him to show you his first selfie. The man is all about Arts.

Super Power - it's the braids!


Adam Rodriguez

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Alex gets the whole ShockTANK groove in one heartbeat. From modeling to acting to fitness coaching Alex's story itself is an inspiration. Bringing good vibes is Alex's lifelong mission that he manifests not only through music and coaching but also by his positive outlook on the world. Al makes sure the tribe stays hydrated and green juice-d up at all times! If you're lucky you might witness him playing duduk in the Dungeon.   

Super Powercan sleep to any setting ~

DJ / Coach

Alex Garibyan

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A man with golden hands, Alex can make any wild imagination of TANKers to come to functionality. The OG builder of the TANK in its pre-art phase he made sure that the building serves for both live and work purposes. Adding art and murals was like: "Alright kids, here's the space... Have fun!"  

Super Power - Family first! Sean Penn can do his acting...


Alex Keshishian

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If you hang with us a little long you'll get to eventually meet The Barber. Getting to have that one-on-one session with Art is an ideal component of "Treat Yo Self" day for TANKers. Alongside his Speakeasy barber shop Art is also running a marketing agency and brings in a dope "Whisky Sour" bar station to our Mood events and Sundaze! Art's entourage comes with his production crew and his very own Harley Karen. #onelove

Super Power - Good Vibes!



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How lucky are we to have Mariah Carey's personal chef in our tribe! S.T's culinary is a performance! He dances with food and makes his creations arouse a palette of sensations. To witness his full showmanship you have to attend one of our Mood.Popup events - a popup dining meets art experience that happens whenever and wherever the chefs are in the Mood for. S.T's always chasing the next great thing - try to chase him! 

Super Power - Endless Energy! 

Refer to above

Chef S.T

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When there were no more empty walls and ceilings left in ShockTANK this resident genius started moving to clothes, mannequins, guitars and anything else he could get hands on.  Prolific in its most pure sense, Dehmq could probably do a full script across the equator! And no pattern in his calligraphy would repeat twice... A typical evening at ShockTANK ends with in a hookah session curated by Dehmq! 1000 and 1 nights is nowhere near the experience... 

Super PowerCan outlaugh anyone!

I'm No Artist 


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Yes, the floral king himself! What Eddie can turn a venue into with his floral designs is astounding. A quick before and after is all you need to realize that it's all about the flowers. Having handled mega productions for celebrities and brands Eddie has cemented his role of a magician in the world of event production. His jovial personality and sharp humor are much missed at ShockTANK when he's out there making his floral magic.

Super Power - Says he can manifest anything!


Eddie Zaratsian

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Edo's art is soft-spoken like the gentlemen himself.​ You might never even catch him around ShockTANK. He finds his zen in his own zone. Edo's art is subtle too. Once your eyes go past that initial Shock phase you'll start noticing how certain walls are camouflaged by a painting or a statue. Yep, that's Edo! Art and Deco are twin brothers for this artist, who blends his art into the surrounding environment, where only connoisseurs would know what's been done!

Super Power - Patience!

Mixed Media Artist

Edo Tevanyan

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Introduce yourself~

Super Power - N/A


Gemini George

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Few have revolutionized the fashion world in the recent years. We're blessed to have Joel in our family - someone who's literally disrupted the industry with his magical body scapes made of tape. Like a cupid reincarnated from Ancient Greece, Joel compliments ​the beauty of his nymphs by wavering the black tape around their perfect body, turning them into fully blossomed Goddesses. And if you're lucky, you might witness his savage dance moves. 


Super Power - Strong Root Chakra!

The King of Tape

Joel Alvarez

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People wonder how we achieve the Feng Shui at ShockTANK when the place is so full of art, collectibles, antiques and murals. Well go ask Katy? She can turn any chaos into a living, breathing world of its own. But if you really want to know what's the habitat preference of our designer visit Aki Land - where Art meets Zen!

Super Power Too cute to be refused!

Event & Interior Designer

Katy Sah

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Khan is the eyes of ShockTANK. Nothing goes past his 360 degree view. Hailed as the most valuable export of Pakistan, the world through Khan's lenses is simply Picture-esque! When not at ShockTANK Khan is surely exploring pristine spots of mother nature around the world..

Super Power Smooth Operator!

The Camera Man

Khan Jan

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Even the BUILDER needed a good architect... Luckily, Linda came along.. Her architecture is more along artsytecture lines. She treats every nook and cranny as a still-frame that should breath inspiration and exhale Art! That's why it's "Where Art Happens"... we just never have a dead space at the compound. Apart from her natural geometry talents, Linda brings in her bright character, fills the room with her contagious giggles and always looks for more ways she can contribute to the cause. 

Super Power - Positivism!


Linda Muradyan

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As Michael's and Nonee's mother, Mary spreads her motherly love over everyone in the TANK. Well some of us are away from home you know... Mary's presence lights up any environment. You're lucky to be on her side. When it comes to business, Mary runs the show. How do you think we got this Oasis in LA ;) Impresario in her true sense, she spreads freedom of spirit, love and creativity!The Builder had a great taste after all!

Super Power - Rasta Mary!

Realtor / Life Coach

Mary Kay

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Chef, Showman, Event Designer, Venue Owner, Artist, Art Dealer, Public Speaker... Michael's palette of talents make the rest of the residents question whether he's only human after all. A man who questioned "Why would we use 6000 sq. ft of the lot for assigned parking?!". The rest is history... Michael Kay is the voice and vision behind the whole movement that resides and nurtures at ShockTANK.

Super PowerBeing Michael Kay! Just Zi It ©

Founder & Art Director

Michael Kay

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Nonee brings a wealth of experience to ShockTANK. A certified yoga instructor, a nomad in heart and an all-round aligned human being Nonee aces any project she takes on without even breaking a sweat. Due to her extremely charitable character Nonee has taken the lead on all our fundraising and aid activities. 

Super PowerTough Cookie ;)

Event Coordinator

Nonee Kay

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Two times runner-up of Big Brother and the frontman of Van Alden, Paul is a true Gem! And another Gemini in the tribe - )(

In the heart of recording and touring, residing between NY & LA, Paul still manages to run his e-commerce antique shop. Yep, that's where he gets his dope jewels from! And did we forget to mention the red light Absinth bar room where @deadskull himself serves you the green ferry at our Mood.Popup experiences!! Yep folks, it's never boring with us ; )

Super PowerNicest Guy!


Paul Abrahamyan

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The legend of Armenian fine art Sevada Grigoryan is a proud addition to our roster of artists. Centuries of traditions of Armenian miniature painting are distilled in Sevada's art along with influences from Western masters of Renaissance and Impressionism with flavors from Far East. Sevada completed art residency programs in China and Mongolia. His love for Asian culture drove him to master Tai Chi and even win the 1st place in an international competition. 

Super Power - Absolute positive approach to life!

Fine Artist 

Sevada Grigoryan

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One of ShockTANK's earliest ambassadors Sole brings radiance of the sun to our compound. The Spanish loco of this gem of a soul comes out in her picturesque songs and fiery moves. Indie in her true sense Sole encapsulates her vision in all aspects of music production - from songwriting to choreography to even cinematography.  

Super Power - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked!

Singer-songwriter / Dancer

Sole Basaldua

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Stella's Art is InterStella! It's elegant, intricate, daring and moving. One of the OG muralists of the TANK she set a certain tone and vibe at the compound. 

Super Power - You won't ever guess her nationality!

Painter / Digital Artist 

Stella May

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